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CultTech Lab Vienna is a competition aimed to select or assemble the team that will create a product (application) to recognize artefacts from the extended arts collection of Vienna Museum by their image and to enable users to access information about these artefacts.
Application deadline: Sep 15!
An Application that should be able to recognize a piece of art from a very expansive list, supplied by the Vienna Museum (the original pilot client), either from a picture/photo or a video, to link the user to multiple sources of online information relating to the identified piece and direct the user links to relevant content.

Additional task: eventually the Application should also be able to work with multimodal information (voice, text, pictures, video), relate this information and make searches based on natural language.

Sample use case:

A person would point to an artifact (direct a camera of a mobile phone, click on a picture, etc.), the Application would identify the object and provide access to information, potentially multimodal (pictures, texts, videos, audio narratives, etc.) and to interactive services.
Organized by
International integrator of digital technology for arts & culture
Client: Wien Museum

Why participate?
Pre-selected individuals, teams and companies are invited come to Vienna on September, 26 to meet the stakeholders and with the Government of Vienna/Austria and present their vision – both during the CultTechLab event and on separate meetings.
Travel expenses and accommodation are paid by the organizers.
Development of the Product by the selected team will be financed by CultTech Hub stakeholders, the product will be co-owned by the developers and CultTech Hub Vienna.
If needed, CultTech Hub Vienna will support relocate to Vienna.
Product is distributed on international market with marketing and sales help of CultTech Hub Vienna.
Why should I apply for CultTech Lab Vienna?
CultTech Lab Vienna will connect you to the leading cultural institutions of Austria as well provide the opportunity to showcase your startup at the international art fair viennacontemporary 2019 to potential investors and business partners.
How will the startups get selected?
This is based on pre-defined criteria including product, traction, market potential and team evaluation, as well as the fit for the respective challenge question you are applying for.
We will be evaluating all application in collaboration with our key partners and in the startup and investment ecosystem.
When will I know if I am selected?
We'll get in touch within 2-3 days after the application deadline (September 15th).

How much does it cost?
For the selected startups, participation comes free of charge. All travel and accommodation expenses within the project will be paid by RDI.Digital.